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John Clellon Holmes’ Existentialist Dilemma

In her essay, “John Clellon Holmes and Existentialism”, Ann Charters leaves the reader with a question:  To the degree that Holmes’ thought was influenced by existentialism, was he closer to the position of Sartre or Kierkegaard?  The main theme of this essay is to answer the question we are left with after reading Charter’s discussion of Holmes’ existentialism. (1) Continue Reading…

Beatdom Goes to North Korea

In May we will release Beatdom #17 – the POLITICS issue. Although we have not yet finalized and announced the essays that will be included in the issue, the submissions received have been of an incredible high standard and we’re certain that this will be the best issue yet.

On the topic of politics, Beatdom editor, David S.Wills, recently visited North Korea and wrote a short essay on a) why we shouldn’t believe what we read in the media, and b) why we shouldn’t judge a country by its government. Read the full story here.

Kerouac Coming to Kindle

On March 22nd, 2016, six of Jack Kerouac’s books will be available as ebooks for the first time. These include his debut novel, The Town and the City. The aptly named Open Road Media has acquired the rights to digitally publish this and other books by the author, whose books were not previously available for ebook users. The Town and the City was originally published in 1950 by Harcourt Brace. The author was listed as “John Kerouac” and the story followed the life of young Peter Martin, based on Kerouac himself. Seven years later, Kerouac became a household name after his second novel, On the Road, was published. Continue Reading…