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Finding the Beat Video

Here’s a project we could not endorse more… Finding the Beat is not just a favourite of Beatdom because it features our writers. It is simply an awesome idea for a movie. I sincerely believe that the finished version of this film will be a modern classic – a Beatific documentary.
If you’ve been following their progress you will know how far they’ve come. Finding the Beat has four of its ten intended subjects and they’re currently a hot topic on the interweb. Continue Reading…

Hunter S. Thompson & The Lizards

Hunter S. Thompson and movie lizards.

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Beatdom is now three years old and has gathered quite an impressive number of fans, along with some brilliant contributors and a reputation for the best of the best of today’s Beat-centric literary criticism and Beat-inspired short-form literature.

As such I believe it is time to move forward. Beatdom has always been a non-profit entity, free of paid advertising and distributed directly by the magazine’s owner and editor. Continue Reading…

Beat News

This week’s newspapers and blogs have been kind to the fans of the Beat Generation. Indeed, this past year has been kind, what with all the documentaries and movies going into production.

Here are some links we thought might be of interest to our readers:

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Happy Birthday, Hunter S. Thompson

Today would’ve been Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday. He was born 18th July 1937 and every year on this day his fans around the world like to have a glass of Wild Turkey and celebrate on of the finest journalists and writers to have ever lived.

Beatdom editor David S. Wills penned a tribute to the man that you can find on his personal blog.

Marty Flynn from HSTbooks also wrote a great piece about him. Continue Reading…

New Beat Generation TV Show

HBO is looking for people to fill various roles in their upcoming TV show, “The Low Life”. Apparently they only need white people, prefer musical or poetic ability, and pay poorly.

Details here.

Howl Trailer

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One Fast Move Or I’m Gone

The Henry Miller Library is holding “The Event of The Season” this August 14th, with a screening of the movie One Fast Move or I’m Gone and a concert by Jay Farrar and Benjamin Gibbard.

The movie features Tom Waits, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Patti Smith, and was largely filmed in and around Big Sur. The event will be catered by Grapes of Wrath Catering – which is owned by a former neighbour of Kerouac during his time at Big Sur. Continue Reading…